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faulty ignition devices 2018-07-15 21:19:51

Mary barra, gm's chief executive, spoke to graduates of Stanford business school.The 54-year-old Stanford business school graduate started working at general motors at the age of 18 and rose through the ranks and responsibilities of the automaker until becoming chief executive in 2014.

General motors did well in her tenure.In 2015, the company reported a profit of $9.7 billion, the highest since its bankruptcy in 2009.It is ahead of almost all carmakers, with the first all-electric car for the mass market and heavy investment in ride-sharing and self-driving start-ups.

Mr. Barra has also faced some challenges in his leadership role, such as recalling 30 million cars with 

This year, barra returned to campus to attend the Stanford graduate school of business commencement and share her leadership experience with graduates.Here is an excerpt from her speech:

Leaders need to learn to listen

It's no big deal to admit what you don't know.It's no big deal to turn to others.Listen to your men, even more.In fact, it is essential.

The important thing is to get people around you to question you and say when and why you were wrong.

As a general manager or CEO, the need for listening has not diminished, but increased.

Leaders need to focus on society

In the late 1980 s, I have to study here, at that time, the MBA has often been likened to Michael Douglas in the 1987 movie "Wall Street" played by Gordon gekko.Gekko has a simple mantra: "greed is good."

Nowadays, many people still view business with a rather abhorrent attitude.More than three-quarters of us adults distrust "big business", according to Gallup's latest report on confidence in us institutions.

Whether you are in business, government, non-profit, non-governmental organizations, or any place you employment, as a leader, you have a responsibility, helping to change institutions and social relationship and reputation in society.

I started at gm dealing with customers.No matter what industry you are in, you are the winner only when your client says you are successful.

Leaders need to learn to motivate

The success of your company depends on the satisfaction you bring to your customers.When you lead an organization one day, you should definitely care about its performance.

But as a visionary leader, you shouldn't just be thinking about the next quarter.You should also think about the next decade and what your company's reputation and position in the world should be in the longer term.

Today's employees increasingly want to set bigger goals.They want companies and institutions to make the world a better place.

I believe we can do both.I believe we have an obligation to do both.I believe it is up to leaders to set the tone and set the vision and inspire people who can make our organization work best for society.

This means creating a workplace where employees are empowered to contribute their full potential.That means working to change the environment in which we live and work by supporting and improving education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

That means changing the way we produce our products, using renewable energy, building factories that don't generate landfill waste, and working to address climate change.At gm, that means working to reduce or even someday eliminate the environmental impact of our cars.

Ultimately, all businesses are first and foremost about people, because the only way we can build a truly successful business is through lasting relationships inside and outside the business.To do this, we must take responsibility, speak up, and motivate others to pursue goals other than personal ones.

Leaders have to work hard

If you really want to change the world, you need more than talent.You must also work hard and be able to do difficult work without hard work.

I think of my father and mother.My parents grew up during the great depression, my mother grew up on a farm in northern Michigan, and my father grew up in an iron ore mining area in northern Minnesota.They don't have many advantages.They each have only high school degrees.But they believed in the American dream and worked hard to achieve it.

My brother and I must work hard and play after work.The passion and persistence they showed not only allowed them to raise a family, but also laid a certain foundation for us to reach a higher height.

Education gives you a way out so you can go into the new world.But hard work alone will enable you to achieve more than you think.(fortune Chinese website)

This is from barra's speech at the Stanford graduate school of business commencement.

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silicon valley 2018-07-12 21:25:33

Nearly a decade ago, a wave of european-born entrepreneurs and technologists packed up for .I'm one of them.

There are many factors to attract us to the there, including the great charm of the entrepreneurial activity for entrepreneurs outbreak, as well as the apple iPhone - this is the advent of mobile phones in the history of the most meaningful moment change.But perhaps the most important factor is the awareness that if you have a passion for technology and a desire to build a big company, you can't leave silicon valley to play elsewhere.ETG Smart Retail solution offers a big data analysis platform to Hong Kong retailers to keep track of multiple metrics, which gives them the insights about customer behaviour to optimize in-store marketing strategies.

Today, we have a comparable period of rapid growth on the other side of the Atlantic.Tech stars like mark zuckerberg of Facebook?Mark Zuckerberg and drew from Dropbox?Drew Houston and others have inspired a generation from Helsinki to Lisbon, tallinn to tel aviv.Successful founders across Europe have become local heroes, creating well-known companies such as Spotify in Stockholm, Unity Technologies in Copenhagen and DeepMind and Deliveroo in London.

The European tech frenzy has been brewing for a long time, partly because of a trend that has not been noticed: a steady stream of European entrepreneurs returning from silicon valley.They bring back experience, connections and global ambitions.The effect of this cannot be overestimated.

A decade ago, for many europeans, the cultural shock of arriving in silicon valley was considerable.The first thing that surprised me at the time was the value of networking.The second thing is the daring.A 23-year-old entrepreneur who has just started his first company will not hesitate to talk about their "global ambitions".

The third thing is the kind of environment where the best people choose stock options over salary when they think about their next career path.That mind-set, still alien to much of Europe, has fostered an entrepreneurial atmosphere that pushes people to make their careers bigger.Elegant Boating provides yacht and boat rental in HK.

Fast-forward to 2015, after working for Uber and Dropbox in the us and advising WhatsApp for a while, I decided it was time to go home.Back in London, it soon became apparent that I was returning to a radically changed European technology ecosystem.

This cultural shift is largely due to entrepreneurs who, after a few years in silicon valley, have decided to return., of course, many European entrepreneurs still to silicon valley -- after all, earlier this year in California statistics 65 "unicorn" enterprises (valued at $1 billion or more unlisted enterprises), there are at least 11's founder, was born in Europe.But European entrepreneurs no longer buy one-way tickets.

Now, wherever I go in Europe, I meet veterans on the west coast of the United States, who feel that the opportunity here is beginning to match that of the United States.They recognise that Europe as a whole is grossly underinvested;And thanks to the quality of education in maths, science and engineering in Europe, start-ups have the foundation to build their careers -- and the cost of hiring engineering talent is only a fifth of silicon valley's.VEO will work with Project Zero to explore and develop an early childhood specific programme and framework for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math STEAM education in HK.

Moreover, the problems that had previously posed obstacles in Europe have either been resolved or disappeared.Easy access to capital and top talent, combined with a return to entrepreneurship and easy access to developer tools and services, means Europe is more likely to have unicorns.

Ten years ago, America ushered in a technological revolution.To get involved, European entrepreneurs have to fly over.Now, as a generation of European entrepreneurs and technologists returns, Europe is writing the next chapter of the technology revolution.

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那在幹燥缺水的冬季要怎樣做好對皮膚的保養補水呢 2018-07-09 21:39:19

  冬季皮膚幹燥怎么辦?如何補水保濕呢?爆水珠珠作為保濕精華推介產品是邉俞崛彼罴训难a水產品,在邉舆^後,一定要進行乾淨的清洗,將髒汙去除乾淨,然後再使用爆水珠珠精華進行補水,才能實現最佳效果。  補水化妝水:用補水功能強大的化妝水補水是很不錯的選擇,因為化妝水易吸收,能即使補充肌膚的水分,令肌膚水水潤潤的。但最好遠離含有酒精的化妝水,避免刺激皮膚。使用完後記得再使用含油的面霜或乳霜,這樣能緊緊鎖著肌膚內的水分,不被空氣帶走。
  隨身攜帶保濕噴霧:到了幹燥季節,要養成隨身攜帶保濕噴霧的習慣,隨時隨地為皮膚補充水分。活泉水噴霧有很好的舒敏、鎮定、補水作用,但是它不保濕鎖水,只能產生短暫的舒緩效果,皮膚依舊會缺水,所以還是選擇添加了透明質酸、蘆薈精華、玫瑰水等成分的保濕噴霧為好,這樣的保濕性會稍強些。面無血色的搪瓷肌已經out了!來到2018年,櫻花果凍肌才是我們追求的美肌準則,肌膚飲飽水,變得水感透亮又彈滑,就像櫻花果凍般脹卜卜、滑嘟嘟,膚色粉嫩甜美,膚質水潤健康,就是櫻花果凍肌!一瓶好用的保濕面霜就成為護膚的重點產品。  冬季皮膚幹燥怎么辦?如何補水保濕呢?
  使用方法出乎意料的簡單!就是活化修護的作用,倒出來是水狀精華的質地,用在化妝水之後,精華液之前,使用後肌膚很快就吸收了!水磁場保濕凝膠清爽吸收快速,保濕的時間長達24小時,讓你的肌膚在外一整天也能夠彈潤有光澤,而保濕凝膠內含有倩碧的獨家技術,可以為肌膚灌入大量的蘆薈水能夠增加保溼效果,來達到油水平衡,使皮膚到最佳狀態。  實際測試看看,擦了奇跡活源精露之後,可以看到整個手的細紋都變得比較不明顯,變得比較水嫩、保水度提高後肌膚也看起來比較亮!
  因為親膚性很強,除了晚上保養之外,這一款也很適合妝前保濕急救用,化妝前先使用,保濕力超持久,妝感也會更服貼!難怪韓國女明星的皮膚都會自體發光!在上飛機之前ㄝ先塗一層水磁場保濕凝膠,下飛機之後不會再有皮膚乾燥的問題,反而一樣的水潤,果然能夠保濕24小時真的很厲害,即使是長途飛行也不用再擔心害怕。  Step3上妝同時補水:氣墊粉餅
  是不是很簡單呢?快點把韓妞補水3X3保養法學起來,保證連眼殘男友都會發現你膚況變好,水透亮了呢!  夜間密集補水:夜間是皮膚修複的最好時機,在夜間皮膚吸收性特別好,所以在此期間要為肌膚提供充足的養分和水分,這個時候就要用上高營養的護膚品,如:補水精華液、睡眠面膜等,這樣就能保證肌膚的所需的營養,皮膚就會變得水潤起來。

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