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郑板桥竹诗竹书竹画交响成辉 2018-06-05 10:43:09

 (The Symphonic and Splendid Enrichment of Master Zheng Banqiao's Artistry by Combining Bamboo Poetry, Bamboo Calligraphy with His Bamboo Paintings)


Zheng Xie, commonly named as Zheng Banqiao, is a renowned artist during the Qianlong era of the Qing Dynasty, also recognized as one of "the Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou". In 1748, he briefly resumed an official career as "official calligrapher and painter" for the Qianlong Emperor.

"Bamboo & Stones"

Will never lose grip but dug in the green mountain,
invariably rooted deep in those rocks gone broken.
More toughened as repetitively abraded and beaten,

simply care the least what adverse winds are blowing.

"Pure Simplicity"

A lone bamboo stem, two or three branches,
plus just a few bamboo compound leaves.
Keep it simple, sparse and all-natural,
as clusters and redundancy not called for.



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英译《诗经·国风·周南·关雎》 2018-05-30 11:26:26


"The Classics of Chinese Poetry - Airs of the States - Southern Zhou - the Quacking Doves"

Quacking doves singing for each other, on islet of the river over there;

A girl of enchanting virtues both inside and out, as best match for the gentleman here.

Leafy vegetation however tall and short, floating freely above water left and right.

The girl of enchanting virtues both inside and out, in the dreams day and night.

Cant seem to win her heart, while thinking of her day and night.

Tossing and turning so sleepless, how endless is the night.

Leafy vegetation however tall and short, being picked left and right.

The girl of enchanting virtues both inside and out, let me friend you with string musical instruments.

Leafy vegetation  however tall and short, being harvested left and right.

The girl of enchanting virtues both inside and out, let me cheer you by beating bells and drums.

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英译徐志摩林徽因讴歌彼此的不朽诗作三首 2018-03-13 11:29:27

徐志摩 《偶然 Coincident》

我是天空里的一片云 I am in the sky as a lone piece of cloud,

偶尔投影在你的波心 incidentally reflected on your wavy heart.

你不必讶异 Don't be surprised,

更无须欢喜 nor should be cheered,

在转瞬间消灭了踪影 cuz it in no time vanished.

你我相逢在黑夜的海上 You and me first met in a dark night on the sea.

你有你的 You headed your way,

我有我的方向 I had my way.

你记得也好 May you remember,

最好你忘掉 or better should you forget altogether,

在这交会时互放的光芒。those sparkles we both emitted at the moment of encounter.

徐志摩 《你去 Your Departure》

你去,我也走,我们在此分手;You are leaving, I am also gone, so right here we are splitting.

你上那一条大路,你放心走,Just embark on that wide open road and stop worrying.

你看那街灯一直亮到天边,You see those street lights are illuminating all the way to horizon's end,

你只消跟从这光明的直线!just follow this enlightened straight-line.

你先走,我站在此地望着你:You go first while I stand pat watching behind:

放轻些脚步,别教灰土扬起,Tread softly and stir up no dust,

我要认清你远去的身影,as I must distinguish that diminishing silhouette you cast,

直到距离使我认你不分明。till the distance blindfolds me all out.

再不然,我就叫响你的名字,Or else, I'm going to call your name loud,

不断的提醒你,有我在这里,as a constant reminder, I'm still here,

为消解荒街与深晚的荒凉,to dispel emptiness of the street this late hour in the middle of nowhere,

目送你归去…… seeing you off while I stare...

不,我自有主张,No, I will make plans for my own,

你不必为我忧虑;你走大路, so don't worry about me; you keep going..

我进这条小巷。你看那株树,I'm going into this alley. You see where a tree is growing,

高抵着天,我走到那边转弯,so tall into the sky, I will make the turn there to be exact.

再过去是一片荒野的凌乱;There is a stretch of messy wild terrain after that;

有深潭,有浅洼,半亮着止水,with deep ponds, shallow puddles, filled with luminous stillwater,

在夜芒中像是纷披的眼泪;under nighty reflections seemingly a film of tears dripping together;

有乱石,有钩刺胫踝的蔓草,Rocks laying disoriented, while prickly plants doing lower leg trapping,

在守候过路人疏神时绊倒,waiting for a stumbled by-passer to inflict bleeding,

但你不必焦心,我有的是胆,but I've got guts, you can rest assured,

凶险的途程不能使我心寒。on this danger-prone journey I'm not running scared.

等你走远,我就大步的向前,After you have left afar, I will be marching on,

这荒野有的是夜露的清鲜;this wild land has got ample refreshing nighty dews for me to sip upon.

也不愁愁云深裹,但求风动,I'm unfazed despite engulfed in dark clouds, as long as winds are moving,

云海里便波涌星斗的流汞;amid sea of clouds, a mercury torrent of stars thereby gushing;

更何况永远照彻我的心底,Let alone you always shine through the bottom of my heart,

有那颗不夜的明珠,我爱的是你!a forever glittering star, you are the one I love!

林徽因 《别丢掉 Don’t toss out》

别丢掉 Don’t toss out

这一把过往的热情,this fervent love of the past,

现在流水似的,now like a water flow,

轻轻 flowing slow,

在幽冷的山泉底,deep in the bottom of the cold mountain springs,

在黑夜,在松林,in pitch-black nights, in pine forests,

叹息似的渺茫,so bleak as to a point of despair,

你仍要保存着那真!yet you must retain that truthful flare!

一样是月明,Moonlight just as bright,

一样是隔山灯火,same glowing lights on mountain sides,

满天的星,a skyful of stars in a tier,

只有人不见,you are nowhere,

梦似的挂起,yet in the dreams you do appear,

你问黑夜要回 nagging from dark nights in persistence,

那一句话—— for that sentence --

你仍得相信 Please still be a believer.

山谷中留着 It's there,

有那回音!echoing in that mountain valley forever!

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法国总统大选预测 2017-04-22 08:59:19



四位实力候选人参加初选 -- 极右翼民族阵线主席玛琳娜.勒庞、保守中间派菲永、极左翼的梅朗雄,以及中间派马克龙。



鉴此,在明天的第一轮角逐中,右派勒庞(Le Pen) 和中间派马克龙 (Macron) 料将胜出,获得资格进入5月7日的第二轮对决,最终中间派马克龙将毫无悬念胜选为法国下届总统,这也是欧盟和中美两国人民普遍期待的理想结果。总体来说,法国民众即便对经济低迷和穆斯林新移民剧增引起的混乱不满,但仍远不及英美民众分别脱欧和推出特朗普的那般右倾保护主义,所以整体上不会拥护极右勒庞做总统。

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解读菲总统杜特尔特的出尔反尔 2017-04-17 17:48:14










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