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Feeling the Bern, Still 2019-05-18 11:50:39

As some of my family and friends knew, I volunteered a lot of my time and donated $1000+(yes, way more than $27 of the average donation) back in 2015 and 2016 for Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign. I hosted tabling at San Mateo’s Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, I phonebanked and canvassed a few times, sometimes including NN and XX.

I still remember our Saturday morning routine, I would bring NN to the Farmers’ Market, set up the table, with flyers, buttons, bumper stickers on display, just before 9am - the opening time of the Market. About 11am, my husband would take XX to meet me at the Market, after her morning nap. She was only 14 months old and still needed her morning nap. Both of them were so young, and they had no idea what was their mommy doing. But they remembered one name: Bernie Sanders.

After California’s democratic primary in June, I knew the hope of Bernie be the democratic pick was gone. I was angry, I was disappointed, and I was frustrated, with the democratic party and the media. Both of them treated Bernie unfairly, to say the least. I saw how Democratic National Committee served Hillary Clinton solely while ignoring Bernie Sanders. I saw how media gave Donald Trump undivided attention while giving Bernie Sanders little. For a long time, I couldn’t make peace with my anger and frustration. I wanted Bernie go with the Green Party, and became a third party presidential candidate, which a pragmatic Bernie would never do.

And then it came the shock of Trump’s presidency, I was depressed and didn’t know what to do. Put it in a metaphor, you are in a forest and surrounded by massive fires everywhere. You want to save yourself but don’t know where to start, simply because the fires are everywhere. Gradually I started doing a few things here and there. I canvassed for California’s Medical For All, I phonebanked and wrote postcards for Sister District sponsored state congresswomen.

And time flies with two toddler girls! When two years later, Andrew Yang announced his presidential run, I thought to myself: nice, a Chinese American. And then came Kamala Harris, I was more tempted because obviously she had more credentials. And it was Elizabeth Warren, which I heard a lot good things about her but had some mixed feelings because she endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016, though her political philosophy aligned more with Bernie Sanders. Last, it came Bernie’s announcement and I still didn’t know what to choose, both my brain and my heart. The hurt and disappointment of 2016 still lingered inside of me, at least a bit. I was afraid that I might be disappointed again. And on the rational side, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders (Sorry, Andrew Yang, I am leaving you out because I believe in political record) all seem good candidates. They support medical for all, college tuition free and the Green New Deal. They denounce Super Pac money. My kind of ideal candidate.

So I started listening to Kamala Harris’ book: The Truths We Hold - An American Journey, Elizabeth Warren’s book: A fighting chance and Bernie Sanders’ book: Outsider in the White House. I was moved and inspired by all of them.

Kamala Harris impressed me with her courage and guts. When she was just elected as California’s attorney general, she initially walked away from negotiations with big banks on Housing meltdown, as the only state attorney general among all 50 states. She started her own investigation when there was no federal government support. Eventually the banks increased the settle money from 2 billion dollars to 20 billion dollars. I think as a newbie, when seeing all of your colleagues agree with the banks’ 2 billion dollars offer, dared to do differently, is something normal people lack of, including President Obama.

Elizabeth Warren’s story is very interesting: she was a Harvard Professor all the way until she was 60+ years old and she only got involved in politics since 2009. So four years later, the fact that she won the Massachusetts Senator was purely amazing.

Bernie Sanders was the opposite of Elizabeth Warren. He was active in Politics since 1970’s, as a third party candidate running for Vermont’s governor, lieutenant governor, etc.. But he didn’t succeed until 1980, he ran for Burlington's Mayor. By then he was already 40 years old. He was the mayor for 10 years and became the only Vermont congressman. He was also the only third party congressman among 400+ congress people and the only third party senator later in 2006. His rhetoric and the issues he cared about since 1970’s had always been the same. His political idea of more economical justice, his anti-war stance, and his critical view of US’ role in Latin America were always marginal. In Dec 2010, he spoke for 8 hours to prevent extending Bush Era’s Tax Rates. All of these depicted a loner, an outsider, but definitely a persevere outsider. His 2016 Political Revolution didn’t push him to the presidency, but it had made his idea becoming the main stream of democratic platform.

After knowing about Bernie’s struggling years, 40+ years, my heart went to him. I was afraid that we might lose again if I align with Bernie Sanders and I didn’t want to make a same mistake twice. But progress is not about immediate impact and it often takes continuous efforts and many attempts and sometimes lifetimes to be seen. And I am willing to take the attempt, again and again. As for my brain, yes, Bernie’s integrity and voting records are unbeatable.

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人不可貌相 2017-11-17 22:01:41



   结果他一开始就谈了对我的看法:“你有很强的分析能力,你可以静下心来很专心的解决一个复杂的问题。这种能力现在很少见了,我敢说咱们公司90%的工程师都没有你这样的能力,甚至包括staff工程师。”这么高的看法简直让我受宠若惊,连忙要他举个例子。他举完例子,然后说你要在你的材料里体现这一点,这是你的优势。我表示感谢,但是反驳他说,“这种能力又有什么用呢?升职材料看的是你对公司的影响,和影响的范围。你能不能就每一个主题谈一谈对我的看法,尤其是程序设计方面。因为我上次得到的反应是程序设计方面不够强。”他思索片刻,说“这个东西真的只是别人的印象。比如说,你在会议中,你的思维跳的很快,然后开始想一些细节的问题,你的思路被这些问题占据住了;别人还在讨论大范围的问题,你却开始问一些细节问题。这样子给人留下的印象就是不够成熟,没有全局感。你如果想要改变别人对你的印象,你应该控制住自己不问细节问题,而应该从全局想,问问题。这个叫executive communication skills。”我听了脑洞大开!困惑我这么多年的问题就是在这里呀!我一直觉得自己做事有责任感,有计划,分析能力也很强,解决问题也很有创造性,做项目也很成功,为什么别人总是觉得自己不够成熟?

  会议末,他再次提出让我提高我的executive communication skills,然后安抚我说,“别的东西你不用担心,我敢担保你这次升职肯定能成功,99%。”所以说我可以找他写推荐信,他会强力推荐我?

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升职难 2017-09-27 22:33:33






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U公司文化--戏剧篇 2017-09-21 22:43:47




  1. 那周二的公司大会以TK满含泪水站在台上开始。他说,“deleteU*的时候,我还是坚信我们的立场,我们没有做错什么事情;但是读完S的博文,我不这么想了,我开始怀疑我们还是不是好人(decent people)?”他的感情是真实的,我觉得。他说他希望S在一年前找他谈就好了。会上也有人质疑为什么他领导下的公司会发生这种事情。他毫不忌讳的承担了自己的错误。他说这只是他的第二个创业公司,第一个公司卖掉的时候才几个人而已,而U公司又成长的这么快,他应付不开来。如此一来一往又是两个小时。

  2. 再下周CTO出来开会了,更准确的说是出来解释他在S博文里的“无作为”。 CTO组织全公司的工程师开一个2小时的听证会,旧金山一个会议室,palo alto一个会议室。palo alto的会议由刚从G公司招过来的SVP主持。我很好奇这位刚过来的SVP,也去了听证会。我得说,CTO在整两个小时的会议上都挺被动的。他开始重点解释了尽管他和S有个30分钟的会,但是他根本不知道S被性骚扰的事情,S只是向他倾述了转组未成功的事情。然后他又解释为什么他动作这么慢,等了一个星期才开会。接着还有人追问他有没有处理过性骚扰的事情,如果有的话,他是怎样处理的。他面带愧色的承认,在他刚进U公司的时候,有过一起性骚扰事件。当时因为公司特别小,很缺人,他没有辞掉性侵犯者。他说如果是现在的话,他会做出另外一种选择。这时我们勇敢的Linda从视频里跳出来了,她很尖锐的指出,“如果我们想要改变一个女工程师的博文里的糟糕文化,我们不应该多鼓励女生问问题吗?为什么这个会议开了一个多小时了,我只听到男生在讲话?”于是麦克风前长队里的几个女生被迅速的安排到了最前沿。

  3. 再下下周是CTO听证会的第二部分,又是两个小时。这次我没去,但是我听说如下戏剧:话说CTO正在专心致志的回答问题,他突然接到一个电话。他看了电话来源,向大家道歉,出去打了一个电话。回来后继续像没事一样的回答问题。这时有多疑的人用手机看新闻,发现了纽约时报有关U公司新招的SVP的新闻,斗胆的问CTO,刚才那个电话怎么回事。CTO也只好解释,“我在开会前将我的手机静音了,除非是TK的电话才会响。刚才TK告诉我,新招的SVP被辞掉了,因为他在离开G公司的时候曾被卷入一起性骚扰事件。虽然我们不知道这起事件谁对谁非,但是他在被我们招进来时,居然一字不提,就是罪过。”就这样,进来没几个月的SVP就被干掉了,因为一桩G公司不了了之的性骚扰事件和U公司前职员的一篇博文。

  4. 此后至少有两个执行总裁因为此类事件辞职,而且是为了旧日的错误买单。一位是在韩国出差时上卡拉 ok店,叫三陪。一位是在迈阿密的公司庆祝大会上和女同事发生性关系。

  5. 强硬的CEO在每一桩他的丑闻后都写来email,道歉,表示自己领导能力还不够,情绪控制还不够,需要心理咨询师等等。最后,他父母亲船被撞翻的悲剧事故迫使他重新面对他的人生,家庭和事业。六月初,他写信来说他需要一段时间找回自己,TK2.0。他不确定需要多少时间,但是他会回来。

  6. 六月中的某个公司大会,很重要的一个大会。这次会议的行程是董事会宣布从S博文开动的调查委员会的调查结果和行动指南。因为TK不在,董事会主席,唯一的女董事AH主持会议。AH很兴奋的像大家宣布,一个新的女董事刚刚加入,将女董事的比例从1/7升到了2/8. 此时一个男董事自以为幽默的插了一句,“这意味着没完没了的谈话。”就这句话,我们组的几个同事热烈讨论了一下。有人认为这是明显的性别歧视,很不合适。有人认为只是个玩笑,无伤大雅。我没有太介意,不过觉得时机是很不对。几个小时后,本应在休息的TK转寄过来一封email,是那位“幽默”的男董事寄过来的辞职信。他要以身作则,帮助U公司从竞争恶劣性别歧视盛行的公司文化逃脱出来。


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侄子签证 2017-07-10 00:06:12








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