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The Queen and the King 2023-02-07 20:11:19

The girls, at their pre-adolescent age, were sitting around on the floor, swaying their heads while repeatedly singing "London Bridge".  This was often the scene when they had sleepovers at my house.  To me,  the girls were just being silly as the lyrics go:

London Bridge is falling down,

Falling down, falling down.

London Bridge is falling down,

My fair lady.

Though any earthly things would fall apart one day, London Bridge remains standing so far.  The strange part of the song is that it concludes with the appearance of a lady. Who is that lady, my fair lady at that?  

Now, the Fair Lady was indeed falling down - British Queen Elizabeth II passed away yesterday at age of 96.  I am not sure "My fair lady" in the song is predicting the death of any British female monarchs, but the Queen, 70 years on the throne, was really fair and graceful.

Her remarkable legacy impresses the world wherever her life touched.  She devoted to service to peoples as she pledged.  She served as, unbelievably, an auto mechanic during WWII; visited and connected countries used to be Britain's enemies or colonies for reconciliation and common wealth; visited the site of mining disaster to comfort the afflicted families; she held the longest royal reign and marriage, etc.

however, I am proud of our leaders too, who also vow to use their authority to serve the people. They claim it is their sacred, ultimate ideal. The Queen appeared in the HK narrow streets, talking to the shoppers and vendors.  The self-labeled Macho Man also paid his visit to HK, shuttling between the neighboring cities twice in two days.  That made people wonder why he would run the risk of exposing to the virus and traveled that far just talking to a handful of officials he picked.  He did not even stay overnight.  He could just summon them to BJ, because he is very much like a king to his subordinates.

Many years ago, the Queen regretted that she had not arrived sooner at the disaster area, where a mudslide buried a school and killed 116 children.  Our Premier seemed doing a better job in a similar situation.  He paid tribune to the school children who died in a landslide in Yunan Province.  As a matter of fact, he appeared in many sites of disaster, such as Wenzhou train collision, Wen Chuan earthquake, etc.  People were moved to tears and crowned him Yingdi.   One poet even wrote a poem impersonating those who died in the quake: "We cannot be happier in the hell, because we know the Party and the country love us so dearly."  What a people!

Unfortunately, the Macho Man has stopped the show. He thought it useless for him to do so.  His Chief Theorist W  provided him a justification: it is merely a Tacitus Trap and would not improve his image a bit by going to any disaster areas. Besides, they believe the people under their rule deserve no sympathy but apathy.

The Queen's influence is felt in many parts of the world. She was the state head of all Common Wealth countries. Her image features  on their currencies. When receiving Operation London Bridge, those countries all knew what it means and what to do in accordance with the funeral guideline.   

Likewise,  the strategy called OBOR, designed by the Chief Theorist, also spreads the influence to many parts of the world, only to drag the countries who receive the OBOR fund in debt traps.  Confucius Institutes set in many universities worldwide impart the red ideology, which has nothing to do with Confucius' ideas.  For example, Confusius advocated Benevolent Governance, while they just do the opposite.  Ferocious diplomats don't mind being called "wolf warriors" and spring up to curse anyone who dares to disagree with them.  

I don't remember the British weekly The Economist has ever put their Queen on its covers.  Maybe.   But the magazine has showed portraits of the Macho Man as a king-like figures on the covers of several issues.  Of course, he and all the King's men would not like it; as a result, those magazines are forbidden in the country.  However, President T told a different story that the Macho Man actually enjoyed being called King.  According to T, he called him King when they met.  The Macho Man denied, responding "I am not King, I am President of my people." President T insisted he be called such, because he talks like a king, acts like a king, then he must be a King. So be it.

One day, the Queen met the King. Her Majesty opened her home to the King, showing him around Buckingham Palace.  She set up a royal banquet under glittering chandeliers for him. The King was pleased, squaring his shoulders to make himself more like the host of the banquest than the hostess did. Gracefully, the Queen was making nice speach to the guest.  The King felt great, so did his followers. They beleived the King somehow subdued the Queen.  But later on, the Queen was heard to say otherwise, as she was comforting the London police chief Lucy D’Orsi who complaint to Her Majesty that the King's men caused a lot of headache for her during the state visit.  The Queen said, "I knew they are rude."

The Queen's comment sounded insulting to the King and all the King's men. But that was not the only one.   The King's delegation was denied by the House of Commons the permission to attend the Queen’s lying-in-state.  The reason was reciprocal: the King's government had sanctioned some of its members for criticizing its HR violation.

Maybe, the King's men'd better not attend the service any way.  They were communist atheists, right?  Why should they bother to attend a memorial service which was themed to remember the Queen's life under God's Mercy and Grace.   They declare there is no God.  They believe the death means nothing but a man dies the way like a lamp goes out.  So what?

But they insisted for their admission, because it's a matter of face-saving to them.  Finally, they were allowed to do so, thanks to the good-will intervention of UK government.  Here came in the King's men, only to find themselves square pegs in a round hole.  They were the only ones who had their faces covered with N95 masks, on which a red flag was embroidered.  One of the delegates was the former Ambassador to UK.  He's known for his belligerent rhetoric, and his black-silk-stockings-temptation fiasco.  He humbly ushered  his Boss W into Westminster Abbey where the service was held.  As they were passing the crowd, they were stared at, maybe for their facial masks, as though there were coming from another planet.  Of course, they would not say "Amen" at the end of the eulogy  delivered by the Archbishop of Canterbury, instead they might shout covertly "Long live the King X!".

Now, "my fair lady" was called to Heaven.  May Her Majesty rest in peace.  What about the Macho Man who doesn't believe in heaven?  Where will he go?  Will other establishments  be falling down to hell? The Gate?  The Wall? The tyranny?


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作者:熊薇妮 留言时间:2023-02-08 06:41:04

Macho Man: 真男儿

W: 王沪宁


W: 王岐山

X: 习近平

BJ: 北京

Tacitus trap:塔西图陷阱


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