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15 灭谛 Salvation Crux 2024-01-25 21:07:18

灭谛的目录 Catalog of Salvation Crux15.1 大乘果 Great Vehicle Fruit15.1.1 涅槃果Nirvana Fruit15.1.2 智慧果 fruit of Intelligence and Gnosis15.1.3 十八神佛不共法 Eighteen God Buddha Uncommon Laws.

15.2 小乘果 Small Vehicle Fruit15.2.1 相亲 Blind Date15.2.2 处女怀孕 Virgin Pregnancy5.2.3 欢喜佛 Consummation Buddha15.2.4 四离系果 Four Off-is Fruits.

15.3 人天果 Human Sky Fruit15.3.1 共产 Commonwealth15.3.2 王舍城 King House City15.3.3 雷音与西芙 Thor and Sif15.3.4 睚眦与磨牙 Tanngnjóstr and Tanngrisnir15.3.5 众神的黄昏 Twilight of the Gods15.3.5-1 王者归来 Return of the King15.3.5-2 芙蕾雅的愤怒 Freya's Anger15.3.5-3 磨牙的觉悟 Enlightenment of Tanngrisnir15.4.5-4 清算日 Day of Reckoning15.3.6 暇满人身 Leisure Fulfilled Human Body.

15.0 灭谛 Salvation Crux.jpg


Salvation Crux talks about the immaculate body, heart, intelligence, and gnosis gained after the bitter in Bitter Crux is eliminated. In the Buddhist scriptures, Shakyamuni repeatedly emphasized that the laws must be taught in accordance with the Three Time Teachings that he preached. The Three Times Teaching means that to gain the Buddha fruits, an ordinary person must go through three stages, i.e., Three A-Monk-Index Catastrophes, which correspond to the three levels of teachings: Human Sky Vehicle (aka. Sheep Vehicle), Small Vehicle (aka. Deer Vehicle, Hinayana), and Big Vehicle (aka. Cow Vehicle, Mahayana). Catastrophe, ancient called as Big Time, was said to be a vehicle moving bumpily, lame. Lame is in the sense of crippled, as in Figure 15.0-3, Thor found Tanngnjóstr crippled. Therefore, this chapter talks about these three levels of nirvana and enlightenment (see fig. 15.1-32, 33).

15.1 大乘果 Great Vehicle Fruit

1)什么是大乘教?What is Mahayana?

世界上所有的宗教总束为一,称作大乘教,又作一乘、金刚乘。那么大乘佛教是哪里来的?中国的佛教起源于一个古印度的文化收藏,三藏。名誉上,三藏中有五百阿罗汉的故事。阿罗汉(参见插图15.1-32)是对金童,即亚当,成佛后的称呼,是上帝三人组(参见10.9 节《三位一体》)的成员之一;而这500位佛就是释迦摩尼所说的他过去的五百世,都是佛的化身。释迦摩尼是佛的法号,是代表三藏说法的人。

All the religions in the world are bundled into one, called Mahayana, also known as Oneness Vehicle and Philosopher-Stone Vehicle. So where did Mahayana Buddhism come from? Chinese Buddhism originated from an ancient Indian cultural collection, Tripitaka. Famously, there are stories of 500 Mount Ararats in the Tripitaka. Mount Ararat (see fig. 15.1-32) is the name given to the gold boy, Adam, after he becomes a Buddha. He is one of the members of the Godly Trinity (see Section 10.9 Godly Trinity); and these 500 Buddhas are what Shakyamuni said about his past 500 lives, which are Buddha’s 500 converted bodies. Shakyamuni is a juristic fame of Buddha and person who represents the Tripitaka to preach.

15.1-1 大乘果 Fruit of Great Vehicle.jpg


There is only one true body of Buddha, which is the Alaya-sense in the Trinity of God. The Trinity of senses is the immaculate part of unconsciousness (i.e., immaculate-sense, God-sense), the maculate part of unconsciousness (i.e. Alaya-sense, Adam-sense), and preconsciousness (i.e. Mana-sense, Eve-sense). What Shakyamuni said Mahayana is to understand at least three Mount Ararats in it, that is, three stories of Godly Trinity, three religions; that is, to study Mahayana, studier need to understand three Great Sun Tathagatas (i.e., Gods), three Buddhas (i.e., Gold-Boys, Adams), and three View-sound Bodhisattvas (i.e., Jade-Girls, Eves).

2 )无上正等正觉 Non-Upper Correct-Equality Correct-Perception


The highest enlightenment in Mahayana is Non-Upper Correct-Equality Correct-Perception, Sanskrit as Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi, or simply as Correct Equality Light; consists of six types of enlightenments: equality, correctness, birth, old age, illness, and death.


1) Enlightenment of Equality, in the boundary of God or Buddha, equality is absolute; all that have two legs are equal, equal to those with four legs, equal to those with six legs, equal to those with many legs, equal to those without legs, equal to ghosts, gods, and Buddhas, equal to birds, beasts, fishes, and insects; equal to flowers, plants, and trees, and equal to mountains, rivers, lakes, and oceans. The reason for equality is after all emptiness. “Empty After All”, is a synonym for the “No Objective Have Sky” (see Illustration 15.1.1-2), also known as “Constant Silent Light Sky”.


2) Enlightenment of Correctness, once a practitioner has achieved the Four Victorious Cruxes, he or she knows that hell is the bitterest place, and the “Constant Silent Light Sky” is the happiest place. Based on the two extremes, he or she can use Covenant Ark (see Section 16.2) to judge each of bodily orally and intentionally behaviors. Therefore, the enlightened person takes a man's "3,000 Majesties and 84,000 Enchantments" or a woman's "500 Majesties and 108,000 Charms" as the criterion, immediately knows whether it is correct or not in all places, at all times, and in all affairs.


3) Enlightenment of Birth and Death, that is the “intellectual testament of birth and death”, (see chapter 12 Meditation). Enlightenment of Treating Mental Illness, please refer to section 10.6 "Principles of Treating Mental Illness". The treatment for aging is circumcision and baptism; after repeated practice and testaments among ten lands in Path Crux, the 84,000 demonic armies (see section 14.3) are flooded long time. Moreover, the Arrival Ark is a tool for circumcision and baptism, and repeated reading can achieve the effect of circumcision and baptism. The following will discuss the Correct Equality Light from two aspects: the fruit of Nirvana, and the fruit of intelligence and gnosis.

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