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在我慢慢褪色的世界里 2017-05-13 16:23:59

My world is receding

I can see you

I can touch you


I can hear you

The moment you were born

Your voice permeates the whole house


Permeates my whole heart

When you cry

When nothing else works

I sing you a song

You quiet down immediately

You giggle your smile

You shout out your excitement

You vent your anger

You cry for your pain

All are parts of the symphony

Of life

That light up the house

That light up my day

But my hearing

Recedes bit by bit

Your voice

Blurs bit by bit

I try to turn my ear

Closer to you

But I feel my world

Recedes further from you

Please sing me a song

Please read me a poem

Please tell me a story

Please play a piece of music

While my world

Is receding


喜看 轻抚和听见








你愤怒 激动的哭和笑

















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狮的低吟,诗的回声 2017-05-07 18:09:02




Snail Boy

They call me snail boy 

slow minded

I am not quick to work 

I am a procrastinator,

I've been told my tactics lack tact 

It's bad,

procrastination won't hack it in the real world.

 I can hear their mocking words loudest 

when the hands of the clock open doors to sleepless hours

 those nights I taste defeat because I'm salty bitter and sour, 

but I know that this is no time to cower, 

so I retreat into my shell and bring out my superpower

The Bam!  when my mind is in the throes of woes it's a showdown smackdown 

I'mma crack down on these packages

 til the time that it takes to make them know I'm no lightweight and they back down

I'm a math whiz, I practice Efficient tactics

fact is I love crackin books I’m a fact addict 

when a month's work is due I don't panic,

 get back at it faster than Danny and his white vans vines vanished 

and as surely as finish work with proficiency, 

what they call a last minute rush is merely efficiency 

People preach procrastination as sin and I don't call them out on false Doctrine 

so when people point me out and mocking my sins 

I low key tiptoe on leather toe moccasins

I don’t fight with them because they’re right.

Getting work done early is respectable but it doesn’t make me any less of an intellectual,

Being slow simply means I have to find the shortcuts in straight lines 

and tread the fine line between dead of night and dead lines, 

I never dreaded getting metaphorically beheaded over getting better grades or having x- marked red lines, 

I never let a letter get the better of me only part of me that’s missing is a better bed time.

And they say that procrastination is appalling

But it’s more of a mollusc workaholic rest calling

Me warning myself when I’m not in tip top shape

When I’m tired of life I’m okay with sleeping half of it away

When my first world problems don’t make me feel like trying

and studying falls apart and turns into student dying

When my emotional roller coasters are engineered to keep on falling

And I’m no Lebron but I still feel like bawling

Those are days when I’m most grateful to be a snail boy

Days when I’m glad priority one is napping

Or letting my mind meditate over whatever’s been happening

Cuz procrastination means that I put myself first

And productivity isn’t problem free,

 so for better or for worse,

I’ll let my problems free 

I’ll probably regret it in the morning

But not as much as I’ll regret not listening to snail boy’s warning.


First world problems!!!! 

This is a part of me that I don’t share with others much

Cuz I like to have my problems hide inside me but I trust

That through writing these word I can open myself up

And I think I’ve suffered in silence for long enough

Mental health is hard to talk about already

It gets harder when people call me petty

Or whiny or weak, or to man up and fight

It hurts me when they say that cuz they’re absolutely right

First world probuhlems

I got a lot of them

I don’t  complain enough 

And so I go and bottle them

Up in my body 

when I really oughta be 

Vomiting them out like it’s spaghetti that mama eats

I’m so white washed my mando is limited

And my accent makes me sound primitive

I tell my relatives ever since I’ve known them

Dui bu qi, wo bu zhi dao zhongwen (对不起,我不知道中文)

It’s so stressful when I’m posing for a photo

If I don’t got sunglasses then my eyes go

Wider til they fit the white standards cuz I don’t

Want to be the joke because my egos only so-so

Punctuality is not in my reality today

It’s a fallacy that I would rather be awake

Rest in peace to all my goals of never being late 

By morning I’ll be mourning my ability to motivate

First world probuhlems, I got a lot of them

I don’t  complain enough 

And so I go and bottle them

Up in my body 

when I really oughta be 

Vomiting them out like it’s spaghetti that mama eats

I’m a little terrified of what the future holds

Cuz I’m lazy when it comes to planning future goals

So when people ask me what do you want to do

I tell them engineer because they tell me they approve

Homework turns me into the illest of all my villains

I lie to me despising me, I say that I’ll be filling

All my worksheets out it never ends up working out

The only thing I’m fulfilling is filling my infinite will too be chilling

My internet, you can bet, is out to get me 

Contrary to Telus, the future isn’t friendly

It’s so slow my teamates think I’m going AFK

If we are treated equally, why does my wifi lag?

First world probuhlems

I got a lot of them

I don’t  complain enough 

And so I go and bottle them

Up in my body 

when I really oughta be 

Vomiting them out like it’s spaghetti that mama eats

First world probuhlems

I got a lot of them

But I also got a lot a people I can vomit on 

Thanks for hearing me puke out all my probuhlems

Rhyming rants is therapeutic those are words I promise on


The future generation has come.


It is up to the common people to overthrow the past and live anew


I have seen South America’s corruption through the defeated eyes of the poor, and the suffering and oppression caused by the capitalist regimes of the US.    


Through my journeys across the continent, I have been changed.


I used to think that the best way to heal wounds was through medicine.


To fix people’s sickness through care, to help the poor through kindness


I was wrong.


I hopped aboard a motorcycle with my friend Alberto, wanting to simply explore, and see the world for what it was.


There, I saw the strength of the human spirit,

loyalty and solidarity beyond anything I could’ve imagined

but what I also saw, was the shivering flesh and blood victims of capitalist exploitation.  


The inescapable poverty of the common people and the disgusting wealth of the landlords. 


I couldn’t treat a child because of a lack of money.


I couldn’t accept his death as an unimportant accident.


I can’t heal a dying nation because no amount of medicine can cure corruption


This is why I fight.


Why I let bullets fly into the nation I am so determined to save


As a guerrilla, some call me a cold blooded killer. I would agree with them.


But to stand by as eyewitness to oppression is worse.


I will not back down when the revolution is ripe for the picking


So stand up, let your voice be heard as gunfire and raise the red flag of rebellion.


After all, it is better to die standing than to live on your knees  



Dear Alfred J Gross

When you invented the walkie- talkie, the US military asked you to improve their communication systems.

Personally, I would've preferred if they asked you to improve the English Language.

Because forks would be called stabby grabbies,

burgers would be krabby patties so I would 

grab a stabby grabby to nub a krabby patty,

and the krusty krabby always has these yumy seafood dishes.

Instead of jelly fish you could eat the delishy squishy fishy,

and when you're having a moment and your body feels so sloppy

the tissue for any issue is here, but now it's called snotty scotties

and you probably named zangy tangys and laffy taffies 

but why not call tic-tacs ticky tackies

and if you got cool pants I'd say you got slicky slackies

even slicker is the cats and kit kats would be kitty katties

and obviously

backpacks would be backy packies

hackysacks would be hacky sackies

sharpies would be finey lineys

21 pilots would be finey rhymey

Shakespeare would be saddity tragedy

trains would be rickety rackety thing on a trackety

and a rich man from Iraq riding a train with a cool black pants and tic tacs and kit kats and hackysacks in his backpack would be a kitty katty, ticky tacky, hacky sacky, backy packy, rickety rackety thing on a trackety, slick black slacky, fat stack Iraqi.

Dear Alfred J. Gross,

Personally I would've preferred if they asked you to improve the English Language.

What a shame that they never saw the potential.

Because if you're into the Mario Kart, bananas wuld be slippy trippies

If you prefere elevators over stairs you would ride the niffy lifty.

Microwave informercials would say you likely like these eaty heaties.

Money would be needy greedy.

weeping willows would be griefy leafies. 

​wool pajammas would be lamby jammies or softy sheepy sleepies.

Night light would be nighty lighties

Park benches would be city sitties.

Finals would be exammy cammy

Slam jam would be slammy jammy.

And if you're crying more than a weeping willow because you're in your pajamas and want to go to sleep 

but you are burning the midnight oil to study for finals so you can get a job and make money

so you won't have to sleep on a park bench, which is why slam jam exists,

you would be more weepy than a griefy leafy half

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龙图腾的含义 2017-05-03 01:00:56




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美是平均,美是不变的性质 2017-05-02 06:14:31





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颜色和温度 2017-05-01 22:52:36






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风筝:孩子离家 2017-04-24 21:36:14


I made a kite
A beautiful kite
I  wish you could fly
In the sky 

I raise you high
I toss you in the sky 
I drag you against the wind
I try and try

You ride the wind 
High and high
You follow the wind 
Far and far

Your pull on the string
Tight and tight 
I let go of the string 
You are free to fly 

You dance fervently 
High in the sky 
As if to wave me

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篝火 2017-04-23 06:17:55


Falls on the camp site
Rises to the top of the sky 

Moon light
Pure and bright 
Shines generously on everyone 
Gives us cold comfort 

But at the camp site 
In this cold night 
We are shivering 
We are freezing 
We need bonfire 

We gather twigs from the woods 
Light up the fire 
Heavy smoke emerged from the damp wood 
We coughed and coughed 
But we need bonfire

We kneel down to the ground 
Blow hard into the smoke 
Tears drop from our eyes 
Sparks burn our faces 
But we need bonfire 

Finally, huge flames rise from the wood
It brightens our faces 
It warms our bodies 
It lightens our hearts 
It brings back laughter 

Huge flames
Dangerously close, dangerously hot 
But in a night when 
The moon is so distant and cold 
We need bonfire 

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简洁就是美 2017-04-22 07:25:42




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落日:致老去的人们 2017-04-20 12:42:31

He was once the midday sun
He stays aloof and distant 
In the middle of the sky 

Now he is old 
And tired
Resting on the nearby hilltop 
Look over
The children on the playground 

Having exhausted most of his energy 
Only the red light remains
Weak, yet warm 
Soft, yet penetrating 
Calm, yet fiery 

He wishes 
You could come out of your house 
Stand in the open 
So he could embrace you 
With his last rays

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AM is love 2017-04-19 21:42:37

Am is love, as in amorous, enamour, amicable . Amateurs are the ones who do what they love.  That is why great ideas are often initiated by amateurs. Mendel was a professional monk, and an amateur botanist. His discovery paved the way for genetics. 

There used to be easy flow between amateur and professional scientists. Take Einstein for example. He was an amateur when he was doing his most important works. And his contributions were acknowledged by the professionals immediately. But as the scientific profession becomes lucrative, the barriers between amateur and professional scientists become almost impenetrable. Today's stale environment of academics is largely due to the banishment of fresh ideas from the amateurs.

Nowadays, amateurs  are often belittled by the professionals. But amateurs should not belittle themselves. After all, one can never overestimate the power of love.

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